Clarence Clemons: The Big Man For The Children @ClarenceClemons

Max Weinberg, Clarence Clemons with his wife at the Hard Rock

Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons, sax legend for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band returned to the stage after undergoing several surgeries. The Big Man served as spokesperson for Home Safe, a children’s charity providing care and treatment for the most vulnerable population, abused, neglected and abandoned children. This will be Clemons final year hosting the Clarence Clemons Classic Gala and Auction, and his friends and members of the E Street Band came out to support him at the Hard Rock Live, Fort Lauderdale.

Notwithstanding the surgeries (spinal surgery, double knee replacement ), Clemons have had a very successful year this year. Along with his friend Don Reo, he published his autobiography, “Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales,” which was a big seller.

Here he talks with Daedrian McNaughton about the Gala, his success and recovery.

PGM: How have you been this year?

Clarence Clemons: This has been  a huge year. I had a couple of major surgeries and I wrote a book, a bestselling book. I am very excited about the way things turned out this year.

PGM: There is a very strong turnout, tonight. Your friends have come out to support you.

Clarence Clemons: I am so appreciative as they are all here to give support for the kids. Even though we are having difficult times, the children still need us and we have to continue to support them.

PGM: After this year, you will no longer be the spokesperson for Safe Home. Will you continue to support them?

Clarence Clemons: This is my last year as a spokesperson. I have had a couple of surgeries, so I will take the time to recover, so we could do more.

PGM: How is your back?

Clarence Clemons: The back is fine now, but recovery is so long.

PGM: You should actually be home relaxing and recovering now…

Clarence Clemons: This is for the kids, I am doing it for the kids. The more you do, the more comes back to you. I try to encourage people to get up off that brick, you know. Help us out here, I’m out here. I am doing, so I want to give everyone the opportunity to do something also.

PGM: What is your relationship with Home Safe?

Clarence Clemons: Because of what they are doing for the children, I like what they do and I like their approach. They are doing really great work. I have had the opportunity to go to a couple of safe houses, and I have witnessed what’s happening. I have held babies in my arms and I have seen these kids, and their potential. These kids have so much potential all they need is an opportunity, and so this is to give them opportunities. It is a great opportunity for us to put back into the world.

PGM: You recently had a bestseller, “Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales.” Tell us about your new book.

Clarence Clemons: The book, “Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales,” came out a best seller.

PGM: Congrats

Clarence Clemons: Thanks. That really blew my mind-we had a best selling book.  I have started on a new book and we will spend some time on it in the Keys. Don and I will hang there for a month or so to work on the book, then he goes back to LA and I will stay here.

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