Chris Mann launches another season of The Chris Mann Show with ‘Perfect Parents’

Viral comedian Chris Mann and his wife Laura are married with two young boys, but nothing about having kids has been by-the-book.  Between food sensitivities and colic to ‘Mommy and Me’ waitlists and the pressure to keep up with the Jones’, The Manns found themselves overwhelmed trying to be perfect parents raising kids in Los Angeles.  In the era of Instagram vs. Reality, parenting is truly a competitive sport running young parents ragged all over America–and The Manns had had enough.  So they did what any other over-tired, stressed-out parents would do–they wrote a musical about it!


The themes of “perfect labors,” being the “perfect t-ball coach,” and raising “perfect kids” without using iPad screens, plastic, or chloroform are getting countless LOLs from other parents on Instagram reels and TikTok.  This original musical number, with music and lyrics by Chris Mann and Scott Simons, arrives at the end of summer and just in time for back to school…a relief for many parents.


Fans know Chris from his viral parodies, original music, and starring role as The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, but many didn’t realize the talent of his scene-stealing wife, Laura who also performed in the ensemble of Phantom and was a Musical Theater major at Syracuse University.  Since transitioning away from performing when she became a mom, Laura is wrapping up her Masters in Eastern Medicine/Acupuncture. The story in the song is true for Mann – he has been staying home more with the kids while Laura finishes her degree.  Complete role reversals and pure chaos which gave Chris the idea to make a list of all the crazy things you do to try to be the perfect parents. With the help of Chris’ friend, Scott Simons, music was brought into the equation.  Chris says “It’s easier to grapple with being imperfect parents if you’re belting your problems in front of a green screen.  It’s scientifically proven!  We are so happy other parents feel the same way as we do–overwhelmed!”


To watch the music video of Perfect Parents, click here 


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