Carla Fache’s new works at the Florida Museum for Women Artists in Deland, FL

Recent works by the Chilean born Miami-based artist Carla Fache were selected in the 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition at the Florida Museum for Women Artists in Deland, FL. curated by Dr. Ron Yrabedra. The exhibition will start on November 16, 2012 will end on January 13, 2013. Opening reception is on November 16.


Fache’s artwork is known for its innovation with color and for building perspectives through the exploration of balance, space and spontaneous geometrics. Which, guided by the command of light and vibration, boost paradoxical color effects.


Among the paintings to be showcased at the art exhibition, Fache is presenting “Connection”, an Acrylic on Canvas painting, part of her new works that enhances symmetrical balances and color.

“These new paintings are all about exploring the color and materiality, and all the balance in between”. explains Fache


Born in 1977 in Santiago, Chile. Lives and work in Miami since 2001.Since 2011 she is based at the Fountainhead Studios, Miami Florida.


Carla Fache is a visual artist whose command of color, raw geometrics, texture and absence of  stroke, along with her continuous exploration of the essential and the primitive, are part of the most    recognizable drivers of her works.


Fache’s first exhibition in USA was held in 2001 at the Miami Design Art District. Up to date she has   had 73 “solo” art exhibitions and 132 group exhibitions.


Some of the places where her work has been exhibited are: Art Miami, Art L.A. Art Philadelphia,Cisneros Fontanels Arts Foundation,The Bass Museum of Art, Lowe Art Museum, MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Museo de Bellas Artes de Cordova, Argentina and Coral Gables Museum. Her work has been included in many publications, such as: “Celeste Prize” Italy, “New York Art Collectors Book” NY, USA, “Five centuries of Art” LA, USA, “Libro de Arte Ibero Americano Contemporaneo”, Argentina and “Studio Visit Magazine” by New American Paintings USA.

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