Bravo's Millionaire Mohawked Matchmaker Destin Pfaff @DestinPfaff

Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker has returned with some of last season’s characters, and interesting new Millionaires this season. Premier Guide Miami caught up with the man behind the scenes, who makes it all happen, Destin Pfaff. We had a chance to talk with Destin, the clubs new COO on the birth of his new baby, Sin Halo, his perfect match and of course Millionaire Matchmaker.

PGM: Congrats on the birth of your new baby, Sin Halo and your new life. Your baby has quite an unusual name, who named him?

DP: Rachel and I named him together.  We were lying in bed thinking of names… talking about the good and bad in all of us… the yin and yang – out popped Sin Halo – the angel and devil.  Now there’s an uproar all over the internet from people who hate his name… well, we think it’s beautiful – and a heck of a lot better than ‘Bob’.  J

PGM: You are now engaged to Rachel Federoff. How did that match come about?

DP: We actually met on myspace!  We were friends for awhile (who never met)… turned out we frequented a lot of the same venues and one day ran into each other.  It was amazing an exciting for me… not so much for her  L.  I guess I wasn’t her ‘type’.  Well a chance encounter later and a magical kiss on my birthday… a sprinkle of Patti’s advise and pushing.. and BAM!  In love!

PGM: Would you say, this is your most successful match, yet?

DP: I’m the happiest guy on the planet – an amazing fiancé, a beautiful son, a great career and a best friend for a boss – I’m very lucky.  So… YES!

PGM: The Millionaire Matchmaker has become a huge success, what exposure or success are you gaining from the show as Patti’s COO?

DP: The show is HUGE! I literally cannot go out in public without at least a few people coming up to me and telling me how much they love the show, or want a picture with me.  It’s a lot of fun and has done wonders for both my careers as a matchmaker and filmmaker.  Do I see spinoff in my future… The Mohawked Matchmaker!?  Heheh… It’s a blast!

PGM: What other projects are you involved with? What can we expect to read or see from you in the future?

DP: Outside of Matchmaker, I’m about to go into production on a film I’m producing called Sushi Girl!  It’s a great 1970’s style heist thriller with a cool cast being directed by the talented Kern Saxton – who’s from Florida!  I’ll then be directing two horror films called Licorice Kisses and The Dark Into Me, followed by a film I wrote going into production titled The Disembodied.  All while matchmaking AND writing a romantic comedy with Patti!  And that’s just the beginning!

PGM: Destin, you have been with Patti since the first episode of the club. How do you manage to stay with her this long?

DP: Patti is a larger than life personality and can be very intense.  I’m much more calm and easy going.  We have managed to take that dynamic and make it work for us… and its turned us into best friends.  We’re partners in a lot of endeavors and we love and respect each other completely.

PGM: You are mostly in the background making preparations for the show; we seldomly see you. What is it you do for the club?

DP: I am COO of the Millionaire’s Club and, next to Patti, the most successful matchmaker in the company.  I have my own clients and do what Patti is shown doing on a regular basis.  Not to mention all business affairs.

PGM: Is appearance an important factor when searching for that special someone?

DP: Appearance is important.  Put forth what you expect, and you’ll never be let down.

PGM: What is your selection process when searching for a Millionaire for the club?

DP: That depends on the millionaire… and is a trade secret – that’s why we’re the best! 

PGM: What’s the best piece of advice you can offer single people out there right now?

DP: If you’re single and don’t want to be, obviously what you’re doing isn’t working.  Get out of your comfort zone, do something different and stop being single!  Life is wayyyyy too short!

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