Boeing 787 Dream Tour in Washington DC

daedrian mcnaughtonAs I entered the entry way of the Boeing 787 Demo model aircraft, it felt as though I have entered a private suite of a posh hotel. The entryway was very open and inviting, unlike any commercial aircraft on the market.

During the week of May 7, 2012, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, DC. Currently on a Global Dream Tour members of the media, airline professionals, dignitaries and Washington big wigs were invited aboard. I was among those who had a chance to see first hand the dream tour 787 which was outfitted with some special features that would make any traveler happy.

There were several passenger preferred features that would please the frequent flyer and awe the non-jetsetter. Let’s just say it was flyer-friendly.

Designed to improve passenger views, the windows are larger, offer a dimmable option instead of the regular window shade and are made with smart glass that are easy to adjust.

Storage worries are solved with larger overhead bins that accommodate up to 4 average size roller-boards that fits easily into a higher than normal ceiling–more room no more head bumping.

And for those passengers who often forget to flush, the aircraft comes with a motion sensitive toilet that will do the job for you–flush that is. It also recognizes when you stand or sit.

During turbulent weather conditions, they have a more calmer cabin and offer a smoother ride to reduce passenger experience of motion sickness.

Sweet updates for crews are the overhead crew compartments with up to 4 individual bunks for long haul flights. And to eliminate the hassle of messy ice on the galley carts, you can now have your beers iced cold from the refrigerated beverage carts.

This aircraft model had a two class configuration, business and economy, and can be designed to fit the buyers specification.

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