Blue and Heavenly Brunch at Blue Heaven in Key West

unnamed-116 “Blue and Heavenly Brunch at Blue Heaven in Key West”
By: Christopher Ormsby and Daedrian McNaughton
Premier Guide Miami


The Conch Republic sometimes marks its own calendar as we here at PGM discovered this weekend.  We had anticipated a thin crowd at Key West during the first weekend of November (2015) but Jimmy Buffett’s Parrotheads rule the roost in this town and scooped up many of the available hotel rooms. Many of them flocked to a popular bar/restaurant/treehouse named “Blue Heaven” so we followed them there on Sunday.



Located on Thomas Street, Blue Heaven is less a restaurant and more a backyard party at the most popular family’s house in your neighborhood when you were growing up. Don’t wear your Gucci footwear here, Miamians. This is is strictly sandals, sunglasses, and shorts. The rooster that prowls the ground demands nothing less.   He must mean business; even the cat leaves him alone.


Expect a wait for a table (no reservations) but there’s no complaining here.  Head over to the bar and grab a mimosa made with fresh orange or grapefruit juice and people wa–


We were about to say “watch” but that’s not what you do at Blue Heaven. You talk to your neighbors here–just like at that neighborhood party.   By the time we reached our second or third(-ish) mimosa, we met a stylist from Denver, Colorado, two retirees from Houston, and one or two poor souls who still think winter is something, “good to experience.”


After a two hour wait, we were seated.  The dining “room” is yard filled with metal outdoor furniture tables enshrouded by low hanging shade trees.  It could be 85 degrees in Key West but it doesn’t feel it here.


The brunch menu is unassuming: pancakes, omelettes, etc., but don’t let the menu’s simplicity deceive you. The lobster omelette we enjoyed is an outstanding compliment to two hours of champagne imbibing. Hungry seafood lovers take note–you’re not going to leave the table unsatisfied.   Toast is offered with all dishes but don’t even think about saying no to the banana bread that’s also offered. It’s that good.


All the tables can view both the bar and a small sound stage where live music played even on a Sunday morning. Actually, the tables view two stages. Another stage is literally atop the bar, treehouse style. It was on this stage that the Parrotheads had their Jimmy Buffett inspired band to gaze upon.


Blue Heaven is not far from the Hemingway House so if you really wanted to, you could convince yourself that you will head over there to appreciate the author as soon as you finish your last slice of banana bread and sip of screwdriver cocktail. That was our plan but somehow the urge to have one more mimosa was too strong. Such is life in Key West.



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