Billionaire’s Row Champagne Included in Wine & Spirits Magazine’s Year’s Best Champagne List

Billionaires Row Premier Cru Rarissime Brut

Billionaire’s Row, Premier Black-Owned champagne brand has been included as one of Wine & Spirits Magazine’s 2021’s Best Champagnes.

Currently highlighted in their December 2021 Holiday Issue, Billionaire’s Row was rated with a ninety (90), highlighted as both delicious and compelling (a compelling wine of its region; a delicious, finessed expression of a place).

“Billionaire’s Row was created at Champagne Dumenil, an independent Champagne House that is passionate about both crafting champagnes of style and the vineyard on their land situated in Chigny-les-Roses, Rilly la Montagne, Ludes and Sacy,” said Patrick Ductant Billionaire’s Row Co-Founder.

All wine evaluations for Wine & Spirits Magazine’s tastings section are conducted under controlled, blind conditions, with the wines served in numbered glasses in their own offices.

Billionaires Row Premier Cru Rarissime Brut

“Our tasting process is a bit unique—we taste everything we receive in a blind panel of wine professionals, asking the other panelists if they would recommend the wine to a friend. The wines that a majority of panelists would recommend are then tasted and scored by the critic. Thus, we only score a fraction of the wines that we receive. Generally, we reveal only vintage, appellation and variety if applicable. For Champagne, we taste all the wines from a house in the same flight, to account for style, and reveal dryness info (and vintage or variety information, where applicable),” says Tastings EditorCorey Warren

Before being stamped by the government in France, Billionaires Row took the Jagermeister approach to marketing — where they quickly rose to fame by throwing lavish parties and sponsoring events attended by Kim KardashianParis Hilton and more.

Billionaire’s Row is one of the only black-owned champagne brands to be recognized by both federal governments of France and the United States.

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