Bass Museum of Art opens the artist project “Erasey Page,” by Miami-based artist Jillian Mayer – a newly commissioned, web-based project by Mayer produced in collaboration with computer programmer, designer, and creative technologist Eric Shoenborn. The web-based project will be on view in the Bass Museum’s  newly renovated project room. The interactive website begins with a greeting from the artist as a pop-up spokesmodel who compels visitors to live an internet-free and happy life by simply deleting the world wide web page by page.

Jillian Mayer’s practice investigates the intersections between art, media, entertainment and pop culture. She is best known for her successful viral video projects, which are intended to circulate in both the art context and the popular cultural arena of YouTube. Lying somewhere between a parody of utopian ideals and an infomercial for a self-help product, “Erasey Page” humorously comments on one’s personal agency. Mayer’s proposition is directed towards questioning our increasingly virtual lives to playfully imagine a world without the Internet.

Jillian Mayer lives and works in Miami, FL. Her performances, videos and installations have been exhibited at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy; Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain; Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, Germany; Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami; Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia; and de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art, Miami. Recent solo projects include Family Matters at David Castillo Gallery (2011) and Love Trips at World Class Boxing, Miami (2011). Mayer was recently featured in the September/October issue of Art Papers and premiered a short film featuring Luther Campbell (Uncle Luke of the musical group 2 Live Crew) entitled Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke at the Sundance Film Festival and South by Southwest.

Erasey Page collaborator Eric Shoenborn is a Miami-based graphic artist and creative technologist interested in design and social change. He has collaborated with a number of influential organizations on web community initiatives. His interdisciplinary projects have been featured in Sundance Interactive and South by Southwest.

Bass Museum of Art

2100 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


WHEN: On view through August 12

ARTIST RECEPTION:  APRIL 6 from 8-9pm, artist will be present


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