Balcony ROYO #HeartsforHealthCareWorkers #staystrongsouthflorida

Brickell ROYO Club

A Balcony ROYO (Run On Your Own). The idea behind this is to show support for the thousands of healthcare workers confined to some small spaces every day while working in the front lines to fight the virus. This is a message to them that we too are staying inside and close to our homes. So at 6:31 p.m. Tuesday (4/31) we encourage you to run a mile on your balconies, front yards, back yards or inside your homes. If you haven’t measured a mile then just run for 10-15 min even if it is in place. Invite family/friends living with you to join you. Here’s a little more on the event by Run Club Coach Frankie Ruiz
Take a screenshot of your runs & tag your respective Run Clubs, #HeartsforHealthCareWorkers and #staystrongsouthflorida

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