At-Home Spa Tips from Escencia Wellness Spa, the Spa at Nobu and Eden Roc Miami Beach

With summer in full swing, many of us are looking for ways to bring the spa experience into our homes. Whether you’re craving a facial-like skincare routine or seeking to create a serene ambiance, Maylin Rojas, Spa Director at Escencia Wellness Spa, located at Eden Roc Miami Beach and Nobu Hotel Miami Beach has the perfect tips to help you transform your home into a rejuvenating oasis.

Skincare Regimen for a Daily “Facial” Experience

According to Maylin, establishing a daily skincare regimen is key to achieving a spa-like glow. She recommends starting with the Sweet Orange Crème Cleanser by Privai, lathering it over your skin to gently remove impurities. For a deeper cleanse, Maylin suggests using FOREO, a cutting-edge facial cleansing device that thoroughly purifies your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and revitalized.

To promote a radiant complexion, Maylin emphasizes the importance of exfoliating once a week. By removing dead skin cells, you allow the subsequent hydration application to penetrate deeply, resulting in plump and glowing skin. Pair this step with the Rose Quartz Toner and Anti-Aging Face & Body Oil from Privai to enhance circulation and stimulate cellular renewal.

Creating a Spa-Like Ambiance

To truly capture the spa experience at home, Maylin recommends focusing on the sensory aspects of your environment. Aromatherapy plays a vital role, so consider incorporating scents that cater to your needs. Lavender or rosemary can induce relaxation, while citrus or juniper can provide an energy boost. Eucalyptus is an excellent choice for its immune-boosting properties. Utilize diffusers, candles, and shower sprays to create a multi-dimensional scent journey throughout your living space.

Sound also plays an integral role in recreating a spa ambiance. Maylin suggests installing Bluetooth speakers and immersing your mind in nature sounds or the gentle vibrations of sound bowls, promoting a deeper meditative state to enhance relaxation.

Lighting is another essential element in achieving a balanced and tranquil atmosphere. Consider implementing dimmers to set the perfect mood lighting that mirrors the soothing ambiance of a spa. Additionally, take the opportunity to organize and declutter your shelves, creating a harmonious and clutter-free space that contributes to overall tranquility.

Maylin Rojas’ expertise and advice offer us the opportunity to bring the spa experience into our homes this summer. By establishing a daily skincare regimen and creating a serene ambiance, we can indulge in a rejuvenating oasis while taking care of our well-being.

As we navigate the challenges and stressors of daily life, allowing ourselves the luxury of a home spa experience becomes an essential act of self-care. So why not transform your home into a blissful retreat where relaxation and rejuvenation are just a few steps away?

Remember, wellness starts from within, and with Maylin’s tips, you can create your personal haven of tranquility right at home.

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