At-Home Teeth Whitening Remedies From Dr. Irwin Smigel @DrIrwinSmigel

Widely appreciated  for their aroma, bright colors and association with romance, strawberries are also a teeth whitener.

According to Dr. Irwin Smigel, dental surgeon to the stars, strawberries are considered one of the best natural at home whiteners. The malic acid in strawberries act as an astringent to remove surface discoloration.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is attractive and definitely a confidence booster. As you indulge in your favorite wine and foods this holiday season, save your pearly whites and that winning smile with these simple, but important tips from Dr. Smigel. And do eat more strawberries.

“Whiter teeth make everyone look younger, healthier, and more alive. When you have a bright and confident smile you look better, feel better and make a stronger impression among people. Healthy teeth and gums are a sign of a healthy body,” stated Dr. Smigel.

Dr. Smigel maintains a cosmetic dentistry practice on Madison Avenue in New York City, treating some of the most recognizable smiles in the nation including; Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Ripa, Johnny Depp, Diane Von Furstenberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Justin Timberlake, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.


  • Five minutes every day is all it takes to keep your smile at its healthy best.
  • Simply floss for a minute once a day. Brush your teeth with a non-abrasive whitening toothpaste for 2 minutes twice a day.
  • Follow by 10 seconds of cleaning the tongue with a tongue cleaner.
  • This 5 minute simple routine will keep your gums healthy, prevent cavities and gum disease.
  • Naturally, your smile will be radiant, healthy and white.
  • I recommend Supersmile’s Professional Whitening Toothpaste; it works immediately and with continued use to restore teeth to their original whiteness, without harsh abrasives, or causing sensitivity.
  • For fresh breath and whitening on the go also keep the handy pocket-size Supersmile Quikee in you pocket or purse. This self-dissolving on-the-go whitening tooth polish will immediately freshen breath and the whitening ingredient Calprox will brighten your smile and keep your teeth plaque free so that stains don’t reattach.
  • Additionally, make sure you go for regular dental checkups and cleanings.
  • Keep in mind that white wine can stain even worse than red, if you’re a wine drinker just make sure to alternate with sips of water so that stains can’t stick as easily
  • When ordering your meal, choose foods that won’t get caught between your teeth! Salads and greens are likely to get caught which can be embarrassing AND cause cavities and gum disease, so always carry floss for a touch up and to keep food out.
  • Prepping for the date: Use whitening toothpaste to brush away stains and add sparkle to your smile.  At-home bleaching systems are okay, but be careful of over-bleaching which will only cause damage and weaken the enamel.
  • Do the not-so-ordinary cleaning routines such as using a tongue cleaner. This is the ONLY way to effectively remove plaque and bacteria and prevent bad breath for good!

Dr. Smigel is also the founder of Supersmile. For more information, please visit

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