“When I heard classical music for the first time, it left a deep emotional imprint in me. its exquisite mix of symphony sounds with choir displays and thunderous fanfares made the experience unforgettable. Later on in my life, I discovered the wonderful structures that existed within each masterpiece.

Many years have passed since then and I am still amazed at how music touches my soul. As my appreciation for music deepened, I uncovered a more intimate kind of music; that which is created only with a few instruments but with equally magical results.

I had the same experience with poetry. The heroic declamations and whispering sorrows of the sonnets inspire me to create. I was born a craftsman and became a painter. Big formats have always been my passion, but once in a while I indulge in the pleasure of painting what I call “little jewels”. It is then a privilege for me to present to you twenty six of my most recent body of work at The Americas Collection”.

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