ART & MUSIC unite

New World Symphony has partnered with PULSE Art Fair.  The only way to gain entrance to this prestigious event is to be a member of NWS – or become a member for as little as $250, which entitles you to 4 events, including concerts and after parties.  It is all about the music after all.

New members should email Stacey Glassman at

Below is what a member will receive:

A “Golden Ticket” will be received by mail for entry for you and a guest this very special night to kick off Art Basel.

Please come enjoy PULSE Miami, for its sixth edition.  Presenting over 80 of the world’s premier contemporary art galleries and a dynamic cultural program, PULSE Miami 2010 connects art enthusiasts to works by leading and emerging contemporary artists. This edition will also initiate a new emphasis on the city and culture of Miami marked by a special preview of the fair hosted by the Friends of the New World Symphony.

The first live performance of the night will be an acoustical classical concert by select fellows from the New World Symphony.  This will be an exhibit inside the art fair for a true fusion of ART & MUSIC!

Later in the evening, guests will be invited into the garden for a funky performance by LANZALLAMAS MONOFÓNICA. As one of Miami’s most sophisticated bands, LANZALLAMAS MONOFÓNICA is a seven-piece ensemble charged with melodic fire and global rhythmic chemistry. The band’s alchemy consists of the powerful combination of well crafted lyrics, a unique performance style and a wide array of nationalities merging to create a true expression of world beat music.

LANZALLAMAS MONOFÓNICA has shared the stage with international world music stars such as SALIF KEITA, CULTURA PROFETICA, SIDE STEPPER, ARTURO SANDOVAL, REBIRTH BRASS BAND, and THE HOT BUTTERED RUM amongst many others. The band has also performed at prestigious festivals such as the JVC JAZZ FEST, HEINEKEN TRANSATLANTIC FEST, LATIN FUNK FEST, AFRO-ROOTS, EARTHDANCE, CARNIVAL ON THE MILE and RHYTHM EXPLOTION, and the new 8TH STREET JAM plus many other theaters and venues around the country.

LANZALLAMAS MONOFÓNICA carries the most professional sound in today’s music, always performing to a dancing audience and leaving the stage to a standing ovation! For more information and to listen to their music, check out

Guests will enjoy a night of savory bites,  along with cocktails courtesy of GREY GOOSE Vodka, Barefoot Wines & Bubbly, Smart Water, Vitamin C Water and POP Chips.

You do NOT need to RSVP.  Please bring your psychical “Golden Ticket” on November 30 for the best Basel event in town!

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