Art Basel Miami Beach Blues

By: Waverley Chmura

Art Basel Miami Beach blues…it sort of sounds like a holiday song that might be played on January 2nd after the holiday festivities have passed. Art Basel Miami Beach is over and so is the art world insanity that the event brings with it to the beach every year. Much to the relief of locals, it may now be possible to find a decent parking spot in the vicinity of Lincoln Road. Even so, there is a feeling of ‘what next?’ Well, if I had to guess, I would say that the museums and galleries are going to spend some time recouping and checking off some items on their administrative to do lists that have been gathering dust as a result of ABMB taking precedence before the magic starts to take place.

During the week of Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami, the best and brightest the art world has to offer were brought together in this chaotic, yet surprisingly well-organized and synergistic, setting. The creative process that takes place here is hard to describe. Ideas were getting tossed about like gobs of paint off of Pollock’s brush. Inspiration was being gathered like left and right by every person in attendance. The artists, curators, directors, sponsors, and patrons were sparkling with concepts for new works of art, exhibits, and programs. And, of course, the old always carries with it the seed of the new. I would not be surprised if this year’s ABMB and Design Miami have already set in motion the events for next year’s ABMB and Design Miami.

So what should we as art enthusiasts do in the weeks to come? I am sure that there was at least one lecture, piece of art, or discussion that inspired each and every one of you in some way. Why not celebrate Miami’s artistic New Year and do something creative? I will be trying my hand at making a one-of-a-kind designer tote bag. Waverley Couture, anyone? After that, just wait for it – the chrysalis will start to break and – in a few weeks – artists, galleries and museums will begin to come forth with an offering of some fantastic works of art and exhibits.

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