Anabella Bergero’s “Heart of Community” Celebrates Latinx Pop Art and Collective Creation


Location: Faena Art Project Room, Miami

In a transformative exhibition, Anabella Bergero brings her vibrant and immersive art installation titled “Heart of Community” to the Faena Art Project Room. With a blend of textile art, fashion design pieces, collage, and digitally printed murals, the Latinx Pop visual universe created by Bergero invites visitors to experience a unique celebration of collective creation.

The exhibition, running from April 28th to October 14th, aims to establish the Faena Art Project Room as an alternative space that fosters community engagement. Alongside the visual artworks, visitors can participate in tie-dye workshops, attend podcast recordings of MAS CULTURA POR FAVOR, and engage in an open panel discussion on art and community. This inclusive approach turns the installation into a vibrant hub for creative acts and artistic expression.

Bergero’s artwork reconstructs narratives through carefully collaged photographs, incorporating kitsch religious pop iconography and vibrant colors inspired by urban Latin American life. Whether it is a religious altar found in a parking lot in Querétaro, a bustling market in Zócalo, or a dollar store in New York, the artist draws inspiration from everyday life. Through these elements, Bergero challenges stereotypical notions of Latinidad while simultaneously embracing and celebrating its rich cultural heritage.

Blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, private and public, the Heart of Community exhibition features a translucent window mural. This captivating installation projects the interior display into the public sphere, inviting passersby to explore and join in Bergero’s artistic practice. By doing so, the artist breaks the barriers of traditional gallery spaces, making art accessible and enjoyable beyond the perimeters of the gallery walls.

Anabella Bergero, a multi-awarded Latinx fashion designer and artist, has used her own nomadic background – born in Argentina and raised in Mexico – as a catalyst for her multidisciplinary approach. Her work often explores concepts of gender, culture, performance, and identity through mixed media installations that incorporate textile art, digital design, collages, and experimental videos.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Bergero works as a creative coach and holds a professorship at the Istituto Marangoni in Miami. Her talent and innovative approach have earned her recognition in acclaimed media outlets such as L’Officiel, Vogue, i-D Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Argentina, and Clarin Newspaper.

Throughout her career, Bergero has received numerous accolades, including being named emerging designer of the year by Harper’s Bazaar Argentina and landing on the prestigious La Nación newspaper’s 35 under 35 list. She has also been honored with various fashion prizes, including the Fashion Edition Buenos Aires and PASARELA BA, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, HSBC, and the Buenos Aires City Government. In 2020, she participated in the Future Graduates Show by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and she was the recipient of the SUNY PACC Prize in New York for curation and creation.

Bergero’s work has been exhibited internationally at renowned venues such as Faena Hotel Buenos Aires, Faena Art Project Room in Miami Beach, Buenos Aires Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival, the Art Gallery of the Argentine Consulate in New York, the Art and Design Gallery at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and multiple art galleries in Miami.

“Heart of Community” by Anabella Bergero promises to be a captivating and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. Through her bold and vibrant artistic vision, Bergero invites visitors to celebrate Latinx Pop art while fostering a sense of unity and collective creation within the community.

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Image source: Faena Art Project Room


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