All The News Not Fit To Print

The Beautiful Venetian Islands Looking West to Miami

It is always interesting to read news reports, especially when those reports are accurate. It has been said to not believe everything you read, and a real estate article that was printed in the New York Times a couple of days ago is a clear example of that. The writer published an article all about the Venetian Islands in Miami Beach.Did you know that there are 11 Venetian Islands in this area? I didn’t know it till I read it in the New York Times the other day. All of the information I could gather after selling luxury homes on Miami Beach

for more than 20 years, was that there is Belle Isle, Rivo Alto, Dilido, San Marino, San Marco, and Biscayne Island; these six make up what I have always known as the Venetian Islands.

I was looking for the other five uninhabited Venetian Islands, thinking that someone knows something that has always remained hidden from me. If I could find those islands, I know so many real estate investors who might be interested in purchasing some of the lots to build homes on those islands. There has been overbuilding in the condo market, and everyone knows that, but the number of luxury waterfront homes on Miami Beach is still limited, and is going to be in demand as long as Miami remains an International city.

The article goes on to describe how “hot” the Venetian Islands are right now, as compared to other areas of
Miami Beach, but a more accurate statement would have been that at the present time there are an unprecedented 31 luxury bay front homes for sale on the Venetian Islands. It’s true that the Venetian Islands are very beautiful, and the homes are very desirable, and only those with substantial funds can buy a home on these islands; but it’s always better to read accurate news reporting.

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