Aiper Dives Into Summer With Its Second Annual “Bring Vacation Home” Pool Party Tour

The Aiper Scuba Series

Aiper, a leading creator of cordless robotic pool cleaners, is embarking on its 2024 “Bring Vacation Home” Pool Party Tour, stopping at various locations across the United States including Palm Springs and Atlanta. The tour aims to promote summer fun and encourage pool owners to transform their backyard into a personal oasis with Aiper’s Scuba Series pool cleaning robots. These innovative robotic cleaners offer advanced features such as WavePath™ Navigation Technology 2.0 and Horizontal Waterline Cleaning Technology to efficiently clean pool floors, walls, and waterlines.

Aiper’s presence at events like the Goldenvoice Surf Club experience and Interiors Atlanta’s 9th anniversary VIP event showcases their commitment to enhancing the pool ownership experience and making summer more enjoyable for all.

The party doesn’t stop in Atlanta, with more stops around the country from June to November, Aiper will keep summer going all year long as the “Bring Vacation Home” Pool Party Tour makes its way to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, and Miami. Additional information around the tour can be found on leading up to each event.

For more information about Aiper cordless robotic pool cleaners, visit and follow Aiper on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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