19th Annual CEO Summit of The Americas Miami

The U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce (USMCC) announces the 19th Annual CEO Summit of The Americas Miami taking place December 16 through 17, 2019 at the Trump National Doral Hotel in Miami, Florida. This year’s summit theme is focused around investment in the Future of next generation minority entrepreneurs. The 2019 CEO Summit of The Americas in Miami is an opportunity for impact-driven leadership and future-oriented social enterprises, to take actionable measures to unlock opportunities, design and create the necessary economic ecosystem to ignite the next generation of minority owned enterprises in the United States and its neighbors across the Western Hemisphere.

The 19th Annual CEO Summit of The Americas convenes U.S. Government officials, private industry leaders, expert moderators, funded start-up enterprise speakers and panelists in a two day summit to ignite the future, share knowledge and empower the next generation of minority businesses and social enterprises looking to make an immediate community development impact. In addition, a focus on leadership experience, the development of healthy, corporate cultures, impact-oriented global trade, international cooperation and peace through enterprise, public-private partnership development, innovation, environmental impact, to develop the future of emerging communities as the economic powers of tomorrow.

Doug Mayorga, a C-Suite leadership and international business coach and President and CEO of the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce, also the CEO Summit of The Americas Miami Founder said: “There is great opportunity in the future that is here, for the leadership of underrepresented enterprises and the leadership of those leading these organizations, play a central role in developing sustainable economies, peace across nations for the United States to carry its mission of transnational cooperation as it seeks to improve goodwill with its international affairs. There has never been a better time to evolve commercial relationships, through communication, knowledge-sharing, uplifting potential and cultural acumen that develops vibrant engines of a sustainable economic resiliency for a cooperative economy among all neighboring nations of the Western Hemisphere.”

The 19th Annual CEO Summit of The Americas Miami CEO will feature an awards ceremony on the evening of its last day, to recognize national and international icons working towards igniting opportunity, sustainable economies and next generation enterprise goals through their core businesses and public service. The U.S. Minority Chamber invites businesses interested in participating and sponsoring the next generation of minority enterprises innovating for a new, sustainable economy of innovation and opportunity.  For more information visit our website: www.ceo-summit.com.

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