Jimbo Fans: Last Chance to get the Jimbo's Documentary?

Greetings Jimbo’s fans!

We want to let you guys know that we’re down to the last 25 JIMBO’S THE DOCUMENTARY DVD’s. If you would like to purchase one, please do! They are $25 dollars each, and come with a Jimbo’s T-shirt. You can contact us, and we’ll send one your way!

Furthermore, if you or anyone you know needs a video made — please let us know!

Here’s what we do: Commercials (for TV and Web), Music Videos, TV/Web Show Pilots and Episodes, Wedding Videos, Event Videos, Corporate Videos, Short and Feature Films, Equipment Rentals, Web Design, Graphics, Photography, Post Production (Editing), Location Scouting, Casting, and anything else you can think of that involves a camera…

We are not your average production company. We like to take a fresh and creative approach to everything we do!

Check out our website at http://www.runningroots.com to get a better idea of who we are and the style we put forth.

Thanks a bunch!

The Running Roots Crew,

Andrew Petersen
Chris Blandon
Lauren Sofair
Alex Ray

Andrew Petersen
Running Roots Productions, LLC.
7425 N.E. 1st Place
Miami, FL, 33138
AIM: runningrootsfilm
OFFICE: (305) 420-5758
CELL: (305) 763-1781
FAX: (305) 757-7792

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