Greyvi, the Rising Central American Artist, Unveils the Enthralling Music Video for  “El Bar”

Greyvi, the Rising Central American Artist, Unveils the Enthralling Music Video for  "El Bar"

JBLVD (Jay Boulevard) releases his second official single “La vecina,” a song inspired by his own childhood experiences, in which he, like many, fell into the trap of falling in love with his neighbor. The track debuts with its official music video, in which he stars alongside a beautiful girl while also displaying the cultural and folkloric beauty of Barranquilla, Colombia.
JBLVD, a singer and composer from the Bronx, New York, but with Puerto Rican ancestry, spent the first and most significant years of his life being nourished by the urban music scene of Puerto Rico, where for years he developed as a barber because his musical talent was almost accidentally discovered by the well-known music producer Bori.
The singer debuts “La vecina,” a new song written by JBLVD himself and produced by Kao Beats, with the help of the record labels Advise Entertainment and The Golden Ratio Entertainment. Classic reggaeton like “La vecina” has a catchy rhythm and a “vibe” that encourages you to live life to the fullest.
“I’m overjoyed to finally be able to present this song that we worked so hard on. “The song represents a tender and mischievous situation that many of us experienced as children, but now seen through the eyes of an adult and in an ideal scenery”, JBLVD explained.
The official video for “La vecina” was shot in Barrio Abajo, Barranquilla, in the heart of the Colombian Caribbean. This city is known for its pride in its culture, the annual carnival, picturesque icons like Rey Momo and Negritas Puloi, and most importantly, the friendliness of its residents.
JBLVD’s most recent single, “El Pobla,” far exceeded all expectations. Not only is it a song with an incredible beat, but it also achieved an impressive feat for a brand-new artist by garnering nearly 500K views on YouTube.
To learn more about the artist, follow him on social media: @SOYJBLVD

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