Nobu Hotel Miami Beach Launches X Contemporary with DJ Nemo Librizzi

unnamed-5 Wednesday, November 30 from 5PM to 7PM to celebrate the second edition of X Contemporary at Nobu Hotel, with special guest artist Nemo Librizzi.


Librizzi, a multi- faceted artist, DJ and filmmaker, grew up in New York, the son of an artist and an art dealer; he attended Columbia, where he was the host of a long-running show on the campus radio station. A former graffiti artist with an innate academic curiosity and fearless need for adventure, Nemo has done collaborations and worked alongside celebrated talents such as Tom Sachs, Jim Jarmusch, and Julian Schnabel. He is the father of the 12 year-old DJ Fulano.


In addition to the launch of X Contemporary, Nemo has been commissioned to produce all music programming at Nobu Hotel.


Led by director and visual artist Crystal CurtisX Contemporary Art Fair is recognized for bringing untold stories in modern, contemporary, and global art movements to light in the international art audience, making the collaboration with Librizzi the perfect partnership.