Michael Strahan, Alec Baldwin & Steve Harvey Cover New TV Guide, Plus Highlights from the Issue

unnamed-54Steve Harvey, Alec Baldwin and Michael Strahan each get the cover treatment when TV Guide Magazine unveils a trio of special editions later this week that put the spotlight on the world of game shows.  The June 27 issue, hitting stands this Thursday, June 23, tackles the iconic format and asks the three popular personalities to spill the beans about their latest hosting gigs, part of ABC’s primetime lineup.


Steve Harvey reveals how he approaches Celebrity Family Feud a bit differently than the syndicated version of Family Feud:  “You’ve got to be careful because you’re dealing with some pretty big egos when talking to celebrities. Celebrities really have a problem coming across as normal people, especially when they get something wrong. A lot of the questions on Family Feud are such regular-person questions, and a lot of celebrities are so out of touch. They’ve got people who do their hair and go grocery shopping for them, so they don’t know how much a damn gallon of milk is!”


As he gets ready take the helm of $100,000 Pyramid, originally hosted by host Dick Clark, new host Michael Strahan reflects on stepping into the shoes of another TV legend:  “Thank goodness I didn’t kill the show that Regis built!”


Alec Baldwin said he only called a few of his friends to join the panel for Match Game. Why? “I’m careful not to call too many people who would think it would be a waste of time. We reached out to the 30 Rock cast for obvious reasons, but you know the ones who would do it and the ones who won’t.”


Also in the new issue, this week’s TV Guide Magazine Guest Contributor, comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Lisa Lampanelli shares “Five Things I Learned From Donald Trump.” One of the most revealing? “Keep People Talking.” Lampanelli explains: “When the cameras were off one day, I asked Trump why he keeps his hair like that. He said ‘it keeps people talking.’ His hairstyle is a marketing strategy!  So, since the show, I’ve shaved the sides of my head and I’ve dyed my hair pink, then blue, then green. I change my hair color like Taylor Swift changes boyfriends, and guess what? It keeps people talking!”


For the generous time-hop in the upcoming finale of Outlander, series star Caitriona Balfe reveals that she turned to some of her favorite actresses – Charlotte Rampling, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep—for guidance. To prepare to play an older Claire, Balfe watched films starring those legendary ladies and compared performances they gave in their twenties to those later in life.  “I was interested in how she carries herself, how the weight of experience rests on her… In 1968 Claire’s got all of these memories flooding her mind. Everything is unnerving her…” Balfe says.


Meanwhile, Outlander Writer and Producer Matthew B. Roberts promises a moment in the finale that will be familiar to the readers of  the Outlander book series—but fans can definitely expect a bit of a twist: “We try to give them [the loyal fans] what they want, just not how they expect it.”


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