Famed Automotive Photographer Webb Bland Partners with South Florida Ford @soflaford

unnamed-9South Florida Ford set out to redefine expectations yet again by collaborating with one of the most groundbreaking automotive photographers in the industry today, Webb Bland. The famed photographer was able to capture a collection of photographs set in stunning locations in South Florida that invite the viewer to question what it means to work, play and live here.  South Floridians don’t drive up winding mountain roads, through desert trails or any other advertising clichés. South Florida does things differently. South Florida Ford wanted to capture what it means to drive Ford trucks and SUVs in this tropical playground we call home.


The visionary behind the lens is Webb Bland, a LA-based photographer who’s developed a reputation for surreal, cinematic imagery. His work typically focuses on some of Europe’s most powerful supercars like Audis or Lamborghinis, earning him a spot as one of select few photographers working for Top Gear Magazine UK. His style however, is driven largely by the locations themselves as much as the vehicles, making him the perfect choice for capturing South Florida scenery in a vivid new light.



Bland found himself inspired by specific locations in South Florida, like the sunrise on a beach in Key Biscayne, a placement which tips its hat to the region’s work-hard-play-hard attitude and serves as a contrast to traditional vehicle use. He also juxtaposed a Ford Escape with the modern architecture of a multimillion-dollar home in North Miami, and placed a top-of-the-line F-150 held among the rugged cranes of the Port of Miami, to name a few. The photography-based Ford campaign playing off South Florida will come to life in November.

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