Complete the Miami-Dade County, Miami Beach and the City of Miami Survey

A series of smile from different people
A series of smile from different people

For the interest of time, we’re taking the liberty of sending a mass email as we are helping promote a short community questionnaire meant to assist Resilient Greater Miami and the Beaches (Resilient GM&B) identify our community’s most pressing concerns. Our region is home to an incredibly diverse population with specific needs and concerns, making input from all demographic, socio-economic and cultural groups a critical component of the research process!

This is a timely and unique opportunity for Miami Dade constituents to weigh in on impactful topics that matter to them and affect their immediate communities.


Resilient GM&B is a partnership between Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami Beach and the City of Miami meant to help address and respond to the region’s challenges including urbanization, globalization and climate change, among others. After the research phase of this campaign, Resilient GM&B will create a strategy to address our region’s challenges.


The survey will be live up until Sunday, April 30. 

**Click HERE to view the survey**