M.C. Escher Loch Nessie Monster

The story of a recovery
This story starts in 2005 in Volturara, a small village in the province of Avellino where  traffic police officer Raffaele De Feo lives. One day, in clearing out his family’s attic he finds  “the strange picture”.
Initially he doesn’t take any notice of it, but later, in removing the frame, he sees an inscription on the back of the picture portraying Nessie and a black man, signed by M. C Escher which reads : “ with all my heart to a friendly remembrance”. The charcool drawing dated January 18,1949 portrays the Lock Ness monster coming out of the water drawn by the sound of a flute played by a faceless black man.
As a matter of fact she had worked  for that lady, who decided maybe too quickly , to give her the picture before she left.